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Professional Development Textbooks for Academies

These books each focus on a particular Strand of mathematics (Numbers and Operations; Measurement; Geometry; Proportional Reasoning; Algebra; and Selections and Probability).
A Strand is developed from 1st through 8th grade through a combination of:

  • lessons, problems, and activities which are appropriate for students at each grade level, and
  • notes, discussions, and problems which are intended to broaden and deepen participants' understanding of mathematics to a level which is significantly beyond middle school.
Professional Development Textbooks for Academies

Books of Problems for Grades 4 through 6 

These are not disconnected assortments of traditional “word problems”. They are carefully sequenced problems, in a wide variety of familar contexts. Over time, they develop and connect the Big Ideas of mathematics as they help students improve their conceptual understanding, reading comprehension, and reasoning skills.
The series of six volumes can be used in several different ways:

  • problems of the day
  • supplementary homework
  • enrichment
  • reinforcement of previous learning to promote
    permanent understanding
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Books of Problems for Grades 4 through 6

Student Modules Which Focus on a Particular Strand or Big Idea  

Students can work through these modules with little or no mathematical help. The books are intended for tutoring programs, or at-home supplementary work, in which the student is supervised by an adult who helps with reading, encourages perseverance, and listens to oral explanations. The adult is not expected to teach mathematics.
Modules currently available: 
Fractions I, for supplementary work in 4th Grade and remediation in 5th.
Algebra, Vol. I, for supplementary work in 5th Grade and remediation in 6th.


Modules in progress:
Fractions II ;  Measurement ;  Geometry ;  Graphs ;  Algebra, Vol. II

Algebra - Student Models


Model of a Coherent Curriculum for Grades 1 through 6 

A Big Picture of important mathematics that students should understand and be able to use is presented in poster format. Ideas, language, reasoning, and processes are developed and connected, sequentially, over time.
A single poster will be sent FREE upon receipt of a self-addressed, stamped, 8.5 x 11 mailing envelope. Write "Poster" on the outside of the envelope, and send it to: 

Charism CPR, LLC
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Lafayette, LA 70508

For more than one poster, see order form:

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Model of a Coherent Curriculum for Grades 1 through 6 

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